Clinical Examination

Performance-Based Examination

In order to be eligible for registration in BC, foreign-trained dental hygienists and recent graduates of programs not approved by the College (see Schedule I for approved list) must successfully complete the Canadian Performance Exam in Dental Hygiene (CPEDH). This College approved exam determines an individual’s competence and readiness to practice. This requirement does not apply to those who have already passed a clinical exam in another Canadian jurisdiction or have been registered in good standing within Canada.


The CPEDH is offered annually and applicants are encouraged to contact the College well in advance of the published application deadline to reserve a space.

Next CPEDH Session

Date: The CPEDH has been postponed to February 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic (More information to follow in Fall 2020)

Location: Ontario

Requirements to Apply

Please contact the College to request a CPEDH application form and to receive additional information regarding the exam.

Exam application submissions must be received by the College 45-days prior to the examination date. A request for accommodation of a physical, cognitive, or other special need must be made 60 days prior to the exam date. Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

A complete application must include:

  • A completed CPEDH Application Form.
  • A notarized copy of the applicant’s National Dental Hygiene Certification Board Certificate.
  • Either a notarized dental hygiene diploma/degree or an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar of the post-secondary institution where the applicant completed their dental hygiene diploma/degree.
  • Two current, notarized, passport-compliant photographs.
  • Evidence of professional liability insurance for a minimum amount of $1,000,000.
  • Exam fee payment (see Schedule D).
  • Reporting of any active communicable disease/respiratory illness (e.g., TB, HBC). If the applicant has such an illness, it must be reported in writing and the report and any related documentation must be included with the application form. Complete appropriate follow up to determine what, if any, actions are required.

Complete payment must be received along with the application form; non-refundable polices apply. 

For more details please email the College: 

About the CPEDH

The CPEDH uses performance-based assessments, or PBAs, in which the assessment process is comprised of two parts. Candidates apply and demonstrate their knowledge in simulation-based settings with standardized clients (Part 1) and in authentic clinical contexts with actual clients (Part 2). Part 1 always precedes Part 2. Importantly, to protect the safety of actual clients in Part 2, candidates who do not demonstrate a minimum level of competence in Part 1 are not permitted to participate in Part 2. The final determination of competence is made using the overall performance across all ten stations from both Parts 1 and 2.

Together, Parts 1 and 2 are constructed from ten competency-focused clinical scenarios, known as stations. For each station, candidates encounter a realistic dental hygiene situation in which they are required to perform one or more tasks or manage a situation. The CPEDH Blueprint outlines the competency areas and weightings. The Consensus Definitions for Competencies for the CPEDH outlines the definitions of clinical competence for dental hygiene along with the hierarchy of importance of competencies that may be included in the CPEDH.

The Guide for the Candidates of the CPEDH is intended for all candidates who meet the "requirements to apply" and plan to take the CPEDH. The Guide provides valuable information on the structure, policies and scoring to assist in preparation for the CPEDH.