Professional Practice Modules

Ensuring safe, competent, evidence-based dental hygiene practice

The mission of the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia is to protect the public through regulatory excellence. One pillar that supports this mission is Quality Assurance, which requires registrants to complete regular assessments and ongoing learning. To help ensure registrants maintain safe, competent, evidence-based dental hygiene practice, the College has developed Professional Practice Modules for five professional development topic areas: Practice and Human Resource Management, Business Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Interprofessional Collaboration and Leadership.
The Professional Practice Modules are specific to the B.C. practice environment, applicable to current private practice owners, and of value for all registrants. They are an affordable and accessible way for registrants to complete self-directed learning that aligns with practice standards and ethical practice towards the required 75 Continuing Competency (CC) credits for every five-year Quality Assurance Program (QAP) cycle. Registrants can earn CC credits for the completion of the modules at one credit per hour, or a total of 3 to 9 CC credits per module, based on the length of time taken to complete the module.

More information about the modules

The modules are delivered on the same online platform as the JEM and LA Module. There is no pass/fail to complete each module; however, registrants need to successfully complete all assessments in each module to receive a certificate of completion.

To take the Professional Practice Modules for CC credits, registrants need to log into their online profile, pay for the module(s) in the “single payments tab,” then email the Quality Assurance Coordinator ( to advise of payment and to receive a link to the purchased module(s).