Jurisprudence Education Module

In 2005, the Health Professions Act (HPA) was amended requiring the College of Dental Hygienists of BC (CDHBC) and all other health colleges to establish a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). In response to these changes, the CDHBC developed a new QAP that aligns with the CDHBC Mission statement.

The CDHBC Jurisprudence Education Module (JEM) was developed as part of the QAP and to replace the British Columbia Dental Hygiene Regulation Assessment.

The JEM provides education and information on the legal framework that governs dental hygiene practice in BC. This includes an overview of the BC Dental Hygienists Regulation, CDHBC Bylaws, Practice Standards, Scope of Practice and ethical obligations of registrants.

The JEM is an on-line learning module organized into 4 broad categories or sub-modules of learning including the College Role, Registrant Responsibilities, Scope of Practice and Practice Resources. Each module contains relevant sub-topics covered through reading, videos, ‘drag and drop’ type interactive activities, and quizzes. All questions in the quizzes must be answered correctly prior to advancing to the next module.

Access to the JEM and information on Continuing Competency (CC) allowances are as follows: 

  • Registrants (excluding new applicants) may access the JEM by logging into the QAP Cycle-Online Learning Plan within their Registrant Login through the CDHBC website.

  • The JEM must be completed one time during a Registrant's five-year QAP Cycle.

  • New applicants, upon submission of their application for initial registration, will be provided a link to the JEM within their online application and an email containing a link to the JEM with further information.

  • Upon completion of the JEM, an automatic message is sent electronically to inform the College.

  • The completion status of the JEM is available for Registrants by logging into the QAP Cycle-Online Learning Plan within their Registrant Login and scrolling to the Jurisprudence Education Module section.
  • ‚ÄčRegistrants who complete the JEM can claim three CC credits, as approved by the College’s Quality Assurance Committee in October 2021. This decision rescinds a previous decision that the JEM was not eligible for CC credits. To claim CC credits, you must add the JEM as an activity within your Online Learning Plan (OLP). On the "add an activity" page within your OLP, select "CDHBC Jurisprudence Education Module" within the activity type dropdown menu, then enter three CC credits as the amount.