Professional Development

In accordance with the Health Professions Act (HPA), all BC health professions must establish a Quality Assurance Program (QAP). Government has further specified that an acceptable program will include an assessment component.

In order to satisfy the provisions of the Health Professions Act, the College intends to replace its existing Continuing Competency Program ("CCP") with a Quality Assurance Program ("QAP"). The CCP requires registrants, as a condition of registration renewal, to complete 75 continuing dental hygiene education credits in topics of their choice. The QAP will require registrants to do an assessment and develop an individualized learning plan consisting of 75 continuing dental hygiene education credits that include courses in any areas of weakness identified in the assessment. The QAP cycle is five years as opposed to the three year cycle in the existing CCP.

The QAP will be phased in over several years. During each year of the transitional period, some registrants will transfer into the QAP while the remaining registrants continue in the CCP. After all registrants are in the QAP, the CCP will no longer apply.

During a recent meeting, the Board continued to discuss the QAP Review as brought forward by the motion at the June 2014 AGM. The Board has decided to retain an independent third party to provide a comparative analysis of current valid QAP Assessment models as well as the current CDHBC QAP Assessment Tool. The analysis will examine a review of the current literature regarding evidence-based assessments. In addition, the analysis will examine the time and cost required for the College to develop and implement each model as well as the time and cost applicable for the individual registrant to participate in that model. Lastly, the analysis will include an evaluation of the suitability of each model for a variety of dental hygiene practice settings. The Board will then use this information to make any future decisions regarding the QAP Assessment Tool. It should be noted that until further notice, the current QAP remains in place and registrants must comply with the requirements of the program should they have been assigned a QAP cycle.