Professional Development

The public expects that dental hygienists remain safe, current and competent in the practice of their profession. Professional development opportunities play a vital role in ensuring that knowledge and skills are not only maintained, but also grown, over the course of one’s career. The College acknowledges that learning and professional growth can be accomplished in various ways, and that the profession of dental hygiene is committed to lifelong learning.

At the same time, the College is committed to its mission statement of fulfilling its duty to protect the public through regulatory excellence. As a key pillar of its professional regulation, the College administers a Quality Assurance Program that currently includes three components related to professional development:

  1. An assessment of foundational dental hygiene knowledge
  2. Requirements for ongoing learning through continuing education, comprised of: 

          a.  Required areas of learning based on the assessment outcome, and
          b.  Self-directed learning 

      3. Completion of a jurisprudence education module

Please view the College’s Quality Assurance Program webpage for additional information.