Practice Resources

The College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia is pleased to announce that we have adopted a more environmentally responsible and portable format of the Registrant's Resources, which is a condensed and more user-friendly version of the Registrant’s Handbook, for use by every dental hygienist practicing in British Columbia.  Since the fall of 2012, every  registered dental hygienist in BC has received a CDHBC issued portable USB device which was preloaded with the most up-to-date, reformatted version of the Registrant's Handbook, the new CDHBC Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines and the CDHBC Quality Assurance Program Information Guide.

The USB format allows registrants to upload Resource updates from the CDHBC website as they are made available, and to also use the remaining space on the drive to store other important documents relevant to their practice.  This format of the Registrant’s Resources is in keeping with the College's commitment to environmental sensitivity and our move towards primarily paperless communications.

The College has recently published a position statement on the topic of Interim Stabilization Therapy (IST). This guideline explains limitations and expectations for dental hygienists in BC looking to incorporate this temporary restorative procedure into their practice.