Removal of 365-Day Rule proposed: Ministry posts draft regulation amendments

Posted Date: 8/30/2019

The Ministry of Health has posted proposed amendments to the Dental Hygiene Regulations.  Proposed Amendments to the Dental Technicians and Denturist Regulations respectively have also been posted.

The proposed amendments to the Dental Hygiene Regulations include the removal of the “365-day rule”, the ability for dental hygienists to self-initiate the administration of x-rays and the ability to provide oral local anesthesia without a dentist being on site.

Please click here to view the press release from the Minister of Health regarding the proposed amendments. Please click here to go the Dental Hygiene Regulation page on the Ministry of Health website. To view the posting, scroll down and expand the item title "Proposed Regulation Amendments". Please note that these changes are only proposed at this time - the Health Professions Act requires a three-month consultation period. As such, the current regulations, including the 365-day rule, are still in effect.

As these proposed amendments were drafted by the Ministry of Health and just posted today, the College will take the time to further review the contents and any possible impact on College Bylaws, Practice Standards as well as other policies and programs. Additional communications will be provided in the coming weeks.