Introducing the Lhéq’lomet Education Project

Posted Date: 6/21/2022

CDHBC is pleased to introduce registrants to the new Lhéq’lomet toolkit to support all registrants to engage in meaningful and relevant Indigenous Anti-Racism, Cultural Safety and Humility (IARCS&H) learnings as part of regular professional development. This toolkit includes a self-reflection guide to help assess any gaps in IARCS&H knowledge, examples of recognized IARCS&H learning experiences, direction for creating a meaningful learning plan, and more. As part of this learning journey, registrants are encouraged to complete a minimum of four Continuing Competency (CC) credits in IARCS&H learning per five-year QAP cycle.

To begin your learning journey, please watch a short, powerful video about dental abuse and the need for anti-racist, culturally safe oral health services. Then, please visit a dedicated page on the CDHBC website to access the toolkit, self-assessment guide and other resources.