Information About the QAP Assessment Tool's Security Features

As you know, the College introduced a revised version of the Quality Assurance Program (QAP) Assessment Tool in early 2021. The revised version of the Tool was developed by the College with questions and answers written by BC dental hygienists from a wide range of practice settings, including clinical practice. It is a three-hour, open-book, interactive, online assessment with 70 questions. The first cohort to take the revised Tool were registrants starting new QAP cycles in 2021.

Evaluation of the Tool is one of the guiding principles of the Quality Assurance Program and is undertaken annually. One feature of the revised Tool that we received feedback on was the Tool’s security, the Proctorio Chrome extension. As such, we wanted to share more information about Proctorio with registrants.

About the Proctorio Chrome extension
The Proctorio plugin provides security features for the QAP Assessment Tool, including temporarily disabling the ability to copy, paste, or print while taking the Tool. These features were built into the previous version. However, the platform used for the revised Tool does not have that functionality included, which is why Proctorio was used beginning in 2021.

The Proctorio plugin tracks the general geographic region that the Tool is taken in, a security feature that was also enabled with the previous platform. It also records activity on the computer while the Tool is being taken. For example, websites visited and answers selected. It does not enable or record the computer’s camera or microphone. The screen recording ends and Proctorio is no longer active when you exit the Tool. This recording is encrypted and only available to College staff for a limited time. After exiting the Tool, registrants can then remove the plugin from their web browser.

It is in registrants’ best interests that the College takes steps to maintain the integrity of the Tool. Substantial investment was required to create it and if it were compromised in any way, registrant funds would be needed to address this.
While Proctorio has the capability to deliver other enhanced security features such as audio and video proctoring, those are not enabled for the College’s QAP Assessment Tool. Furthermore, the law does not allow the College to engage these features without your explicit consent.

When a registrant logs on to take the Tool, they are required to review a declaration that outlines the terms of taking the Tool, including the recording of the activity on the computer. The College strongly encourages registrants to read this declaration carefully.

An added benefit of Proctorio is that if you have an IT issue while completing the Tool, the computer activity recording helps the College verify any issues encountered and potentially provide a re-take for free.

The College has heard and considered the feedback about the Proctorio Chrome extension from the 2021 cohort. In response, alternative options have been explored, however none of the options available at this time provided the ability to record the computer activity without engaging the camera and/or microphone. Therefore, Proctorio remains the best option at this time as it provides a measure of security without being overly intrusive to the taker of the Tool.

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