Quality Assurance Program Update

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is a fundamental way the College fulfills its mandate to regulate the profession of dental hygiene to protect the public and ensure safe practice. The QAP Assessment Tool is intended to strike a balance between the requirement to ensure public protection and being reasonable for registrants to complete. More information about QAP and the new Assessment Tool is available in the QAP Info Guide.
This is the second year that registrants completed the revised QAP Assessment Tool, which was developed by the College with questions and answers written by BC dental hygienists from a wide range of practice settings, including clinical practice. This year, 574 registrants in the 2022 cohort completed the Assessment Tool, with 563 successful on their first attempt, four on their second attempt, and another seven with second attempts pending as of March 10, 2022. More registrants were successful after a first attempt this year compared to last year (2022: 98%; 2021: 96%). Since the Tool was launched in 2013, proportion of registrants successful on a first attempt has ranged between 95% and 99%.
Evaluation of the Assessment Tool is one of the guiding principles of the Quality Assurance Program and is undertaken annually. Last year, this analysis guided edits to a few questions for better clarity as well as question development for the 2022 Assessment Tool.

Feedback from the just-completed registrant survey, a review of the 2022 cohort’s performance on the Tool, and a psychometric review will inform the College’s evaluation of the Tool this year.
More information about the QAP Assessment Tool is available in on the College website: QAP Assessment Tool: Your Questions Answered.