Committees and Staff

As CDHBC has grown over the years, from a registry of 1560 in its beginnings to more than 3500 registrants today, the College has relied on the hard work and dedication of its Committees and staff.

Each Committee is required to have at least six members, including three registrants, one elected Board member, and two or more public representatives. All Committees are governed according to CDHBC bylaws and the Health Professions Act. For information about upcoming meetings, please visit the News & Events page.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee is responsible for granting registration as a member of the College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia.  The Committee must grant registration to every person who, in accordance with the bylaws, applies for registration, satisfies the Committee that he or she is qualified to be a registrant, and pays the required fees.

Current members
Emily Chowne (Chair), Lise Cavin, Zul Kanji, Jade MacDonald, Susan Graham and Sherry Priebe.

Quality Assurance Committee

The Quality Assurance Committee establishes, monitors and enforces the standards of practice and professional ethics to enhance competency and reduce impaired, unethical, or incompetent practice among registrants; establishes standards of academic or technical achievement and liaises with all associated accreditation councils; and establishes and maintains the Quality Assurance Program to promote high practice standards among registrants.  The Committee establishes a client relations program to prevent professional misconduct of a sexual nature.  This includes establishing educational requirements and guidelines for registrants with respect to their relations with clients.

Current members
Danielle Ayotte, Daniela Michel, Mandana Namazi, Tamera Servizi, David MacPherson, and Ruth Lunn.

Inquiry Committee

The Inquiry Committee investigates complaints against registrants, and may investigate a registrant on its own motions (without a complaint) in regard to contravention of or failure to comply with the College bylaws, Dental Hygienists Regulation, and or the Health Professions Act; if the College discovers a conviction for an indictable offence; on suspicion of unprofessional/unethical conduct or incompetent practice; or upon evidence of a physical or mental ailment, disturbance, or addiction which impairs the registrant’s ability to practice.

After investigating, the Committee may decide: to take no further action; to take any action it considers appropriate in resolving the matter between complainant and registrant; to request that the registrant does not repeat the misconduct; to request the registrant to undertake an educational program; to request the registrant to consent to a reprimand or any other action specified by the Committee; or the Committee may direct the Registrar to issue a citation for a disciplinary hearing.

The Committee may limit or place conditions on practice or suspend a registrant’s registration and/or licence if it considers that action necessary to protect the public during an investigation or pending hearing.  If it does this, the Committee must notify the registrant of the reasons and of the registrant’s right to appeal that decision to the Supreme Court. If the Committee determines that these actions are no longer necessary to protect the public, it must cancel them and notify the registrant.

Current members
Julie Akeroyd (Chair), Christine Chore, Denise Beerwald, Kathleen Bradley, Lise Cavin and Michael Lai.

Discipline Committee

As requested by the Inquiry Committee and/or Registrar, holds formal hearings and makes disciplinary decisions in relation to citations against respondents.

Current members
Amber Ariss (Chair), Carol Williams, David MacPherson, Shelly Sorensen, and Wendy Kelly.

Other special Committees may be established by the Board as needed.