Board of Directors

The CDHBC Board must govern, control, and administer College affairs in accordance with its bylaws, the Health Professions Act (HPA), and the Dental Hygienists Regulation.

The CDHBC Board consists of nine members: six elected registrants of the College and three public members, appointed by the Minister of Health. The term of office for an elected Board member is two years and for a maximum of three consecutive terms. More information about Board nominations, elections, and procedures can be found in Part I of the CDHBC bylaws.


The Board must govern, control and administer the affairs of its college in accordance with the HPA, the Regulation and the Bylaws.  

The Board must submit an annual report respecting its college, including information that the Lieutenant Governor in Council may prescribe, to the minister not later than 120 days after the end of the fiscal year for the college.  

The board may, by bylaw, do the following:  

  • establish the number of members of the board to be elected
  • establish the time, manner and procedure for the election of registrants to the board
  • regulate the time, place, calling and conduct of meeting of the board and general meetings of registrants
  • establish the quorum for meeting of the board, resolutions of the   board and general meetings of registrants
  • establish the terms of office of elected members of the board, the grounds and procedures for removing elected members of the board before their terms of office have expired and the manner by which vacancies on the board may be filled
  • establish forms for the purpose of the bylaws and require use of forms by registrants
  • provide the appointment, removal, functions and duties of officers of the college
  • establish classes of registrants and specify if members of a class are eligible to vote in an election or to be elected
  • establish requirements for the registration of a person as a member of the college
  • establish standards, limits or conditions for the practice of dental hygiene 
  • establish standards of professional ethics for registrants, including    standards for the avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • establish standards of academic or technical achievement and the   qualifications required for registration as a member of the college
  • establish requirements for continuing education and for continuing competence for registrants
  • establish requirements for maintenance of professional liability insurance coverage by registrants
  • establish fees payable to the college by registrants
  • provide for special fees levied under the bylaws to be payable by    registrants
  • establish requirements for renewal, suspension, cancellation and    reinstatement of the registration of persons practicing dental    hygiene, including providing for the suspension or cancellation of    the registration of a registrant for late payment or non-payment of fees
  • regulate and prohibit advertising or types of advertising by    registrants
  • establish a registration committee, a quality assurance committee, an inquiry committee, a discipline committee, a patient relations    committee and other committees the board determines are necessary or advisable
  • in respect of a committee, provide for the following:  
    • subject to the regulations, the composition of the committee  and the appointment and removal of committee members     
    • procedures to be followed by the committee including the  quorum for the committee  
    • the duties and powers of the committee     
    • the delegation of a duty or power of the board to the committee
    • the delegation of a duty or power of the committee to panels of the committee
  • provide for remuneration of the members of the board and    committees
  • establish the maximum fine that the discipline committee may    impose
  • establish educational requirements and guidelines for registrants    respecting their relations with patients
  • establish rules concerning access to health care records