Continuing Competency

Health professions are constantly changing through advances in technology, research, innovations in health care delivery and procedures, and increasing social awareness. Continual change accentuates the need for dental hygiene registrants to pursue educational opportunities that enhance their professional practice.

It is a registrant’s responsibility to determine his/her specific Continuing Competency needs and to pursue activities that enable the registrant to maintain competency in dental hygiene practice. Learn more about Quality Assurance Programs within regulated health professions.

In order to formalize CDHBC’s commitment to continuing professional study and to meet the mandate of the Health Professions Act, the Quality Assurance Committee has established Continuing Competency (CC) requirements for the registration of dental hygienists. Registrants of the College are required to obtain 75 credits in a three-year cycle in order to be eligible for registration renewal; if 75 credits are not complete and recorded at the end of the three-year cycle, the registrant will not be able to renew his/her registration. When submitting CC credits, supporting documents are not needed unless audited (see below).

To be eligible for credit, the content of CC learning activities must be applicable to the individual registrant’s practice of dental hygiene; topics include clinical therapy, health promotion, education, administration, and/or research (see the Learning Activities Framework). Credits will not be granted for activities deemed to be a regular requirement of professional practice, such as reading profession-specific newsletters, completing a Local Anesthesia course to upgrade from Conditional to Full registration, or preparing to teach a class while employed as an instructor.

The Quality Assurance Program (QAP) will be gradually phased in between 2013 and 2018. Each year of the transitional period some registrants will transfer into the QAP while the remaining registrants will continue in the Continuing Competency Program.