Public Consultation: New Proposed Practice Standards

On August 30, 2019, the BC Ministry of Health posted proposed amendments to the Dental Hygienists Regulation for public consultation. 

The proposed Dental Hygienists Regulation amendments require that enhanced standards, limits, or conditions be established in order for dental hygienists to apply X-rays and engage in private dental hygiene practices.

In order to meet this requirement should the proposed amendments to the regulation move forward, two additional sections have been added to the existing practice standards to specifically address radiographs and private dental hygiene practice.  The focus and purpose of these standards, limits, and conditions are to ensure the public receives safe, competent, and ethical care. Please click here to read the proposed new CDHBC Practice Standards.

The addition of these two new practice standards will be Phase I of a larger project to modernize the College’s practice standards, which have been in place to identify expectations for the practice of safe, ethical, and competent dental hygiene care in British Columbia since 1995. Phase II of this review will be undertaken later in 2020 to align the College’s standards with more contemporary regulatory models for professional practice standards. 

Throughout January 2020, the College will be undertaking the Phase I consultation process on the two proposed practice standards with various stakeholder groups, dental hygienists, and the public. The focus of the consultation will be to ensure that the new practice standards contain the necessary language to facilitate the provision of safe care to the public.  

Feedback on the two new practice standards will be collected using the feedback form provided and submissions will be reviewed and considered prior to the implementation of the amended Dental Hygienists Regulation. Please click on the link below to complete a feedback form.
A separate consultation process will take place later in 2020 as Phase II of this project, which is when the balance of the practice standards will be comprehensively updated. 

Please click here to provide your feedback