Interpretation Guidelines

This section contains a series of Interpretation Guidelines that describe and explain pertinent aspects of the Dental Hygienists Regulation and Scope of Practice. For a PDF file that can be save to your USB drive: Interpretation Guidelines


Antibiotic Premedication (Cardiac Conditions)


Consent of Minors to Treatment

Controlled Release Periodontal Chemotherapy

Cultural Safety and Humility

Dental Hygiene Diagnosis

Dental Hygienists Infected with Bloodborne Pathogens: Standard for Reporting and Guidance for Prevention of Transmission of Infection

Dismissing Clients

Duty to Provide Care

Exposing Radiographs

Fitnesss to Practice


Implanted Cardiac Devices

Informed Refusal to Consent

Laser Use in Periodontal Therapy


Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Orofacial Myofunctional Therapies

Orthodontic/Prosthodontic Services

Preventative Resins

Provision of Athletic Mouthguards

Radiation Protection Program and Safety

Referrals by Dental Hygienists

Registrants’ Responsibility to Report Abuse


Social Media

Treatment of Clients with Orthopaedic Joint Replacement (Formerly Antiobiotic Premedication - Orthopaedic Joint Replacement)

Vital Tooth Whitening and the Provision of Bleaching Trays