What You Need to Know About Fees and Tax Receipts

Posted Date: 2/26/2018

Annual renewal opens the beginning of January and closes the last day of February each year. As with the 2017-2018 registration year, the College of Dental Hygienists of BC (CDHBC) continues to collect the CDHBC registration fees and, on behalf of CDHA/BCDHA, association membership fees.

Information related to annual College registration and CDHA/BCDHA association fees are as follows: 

  • As part of the CDHBC Bylaws, the registration and renewal fees are posted under Schedule D: Fees, are approved by the College Board.

  • The breakdown of fees for both College registration and CDHA/BCDHA membership is outlined under the “Payments” section accessed through the secure “Registrant Login” on the College website

  • The CDHA website provides a breakdown of the CDHA and BCDHA membership fees. For more information on membership fees, please visit the CDHA website or contact CDHA’s member services team. 

CDHBC registration tax receipts are mailed to each registrant approximately four weeks after renewal. If lost or misplaced, a duplicate tax receipt for College registration can be ordered through the College’s secure “Registrant Login” under the “Payments” tab for a cost of $25.00. The “Fee Type” option includes the following: duplicate receipt/registration card, registration certificate, or CDHBC USB. After submitting this payment, please contact the College at cdhbc@cdhbc.com to specify the year the tax receipt should reflect, along with your name and your CDHBC registration number.

Receipts and membership cards for CDHA/BCDHA are mailed by the Association. Subsequently, CDHA/BCDHA members can log into their CDHA profile at www.cdha.ca and download a copy of their receipt and/or membership card.

As a reminder, the College offers a refundable deposit plan for next year’s registration and association fees. This plan can be set up by credit card when you log into your “Registrant Login” on the College website at www.cdhbc.com. Please note deposits are for the following year's fees and not to be mistaken with a payment plan for the current year. You can set up any dollar amount for the deposit plan as well as the schedule of your choosing. The deposit schedule can be set up as a monthly deposit or even as a one-time payment. The deposits going towards the next year’s College registration and CDHA/BCDHA association membership fees which are based on the previous year’s fees. Fees vary annually, so please visit the appropriate website for the most current breakdown of registration and/or membership fees.