Proposed Regulation & Bylaw Amendments


The College Board has passed proposed Bylaw changes for public consultation.  These proposed changes are designed to further enhance public safety and align the Bylaws with the proposed amendments to the BC Government’s Dental Hygienists Regulation. The proposed Bylaws are posted for consultation for the required three-month period.  We welcome feedback via email  by the February 7, 2020 deadline.

Schedule of Changes 

Redline version of proposed Bylaw Amendments

Registrant FAQs 

BC’s Ministry of Health has posted proposed amendments to the Dental Hygienists Regulation that includes the removal of the 365-day rule, the removal of the dentist on-site requirement for L/A administration and provides further clarity regarding the dental hygiene scope of practice. 
To view the Provincial Government’s proposed amendments to the Dental Hygienists Regulation, please click here

CDHBC's Interpretation FAQ of the Proposed Regulation Amendments