QAP and PDC Courses: Providing the Link

Posted Date: 3/5/2019

The College has again collaborated with the Pacific Dental Conference (PDC) staff to include a coding system within the PDC program to assist with identifying links between your learning goals and the PDC sessions. In the PDC program, you will notice that each dental hygiene-related session has been coded with a letter-number code (e.g. D.3.) corresponding to one or more specific CDHBC QAP content categories (e.g. Non-surgical dental hygiene therapy).

It is important to note that these codes are suggestions only, based on the limited information provided within the session outlines. You are required to use your professional judgment when selecting courses and determining which QAP content categories the course addresses (1credit/hour).

Click here to view the full list of CDHBC Content Categories.

Please refer to this list to assist you in determining which content categories are represented by each letter-number code in the program. We hope you find this initiative of benefit to your continuous professional development.