2020/21 Renewal Period CLOSED

Posted Date: 3/1/2020

If the College has not received a registrant’s renewal application and payment for the 2020/21 Renewal Period which ended on February 29th, 2020, in accordance with section 21 of the Health Professions Actthat registrant will be removed from the register of dental hygienists in British Columbia effective March 1st, 2020 and may not practice dental hygiene until re-registered.

Reinstatement Information

TThe Registrar of the College may restore a former registrant to the register upon payment of renewal and reinstatement fees and completion of the online reinstatement form, which can be found by logging in to your online profile, as well as renewal requirements that have not been previously fulfilled. To reinstate registration, the College bylaws require a completed reinstatement application be submitted along with the outstanding renewal fee ($515.00 for Practicing Categories and $260.00 for Non-Practicing) and a reinstatement fee of:

  • $180.25 Reinstatement Fee for All Practicing Categories
  • $91.00 Reinstatement Fee for Non-Practicing

A non-renewed registrant must wait until their reinstatement is approved before returning to work.