Records of Decision

Regulatory Compliance

DH1802: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1703: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1700: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1608: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1607: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1603: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1602: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1601: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1599: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1598: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1597: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1596: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1594: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1593: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1591: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1488: Failure to Notify Change of Information

DH1482: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1481: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1480: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1471 & DH1472: Failure to hold Professional Negligence Insurance

DH1458, DH1459, DH1464, DH1470, DH1475: Failure to hold Professional Negligence Insurance

DH1446, DH1450, DH1451, DH1453, DH1456, DH1469, DH1473, DH1437, DH1440, DH1468: Failure to hold Professional Negligence Insurance

DH1424, DH1426, DH1432, DH1439, DH1466, DH1474: Failure to hold Professional Negligence Insurance

DH1414, DH1417, DH1418, DH1419, DH1423, DH1425, DH1427, DH1428, DH1429, DH1430, DH1431, DH1433, DH1434, DH1436, DH1438, DH1445, DH1447, DH1452, DH1455, DH1457, DH1460, DH1461, DH1463, DH1465, DH1467: Failure to hold Professional Negligence Insurance

DH1312: Non-Practicing Registrant Practicing

DH1310: Non-Practicing Registrant Practicing

DH1303: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1302: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1301: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1296: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1291: Advertising

DH1190: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1188: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1187: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1186: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1185: Advertising

DH1184: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1183: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1182: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1181: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1076: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1074: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH1072: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH0970: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH0867: Non-Registrant Practicing

DH0864: Non-Registrant Practicing

Practice Issues

DH1704: Scope of Practice

DH1702: Standard of Practice

DH1600: Standard of Practice

DH15103: Standard of Practice

DH15102: Standard of Practice

DH15101: Standard of Practice

DH15100: Standard of Practice

DH1592: Standard of Practice

DH1490: Standard of Practice

DH1487: Standard of Practice

DH1486: Standard of Practice

DH1485: Standard of Practice

DH1484: Standard of Practice

DH1483: Standard of Practice

DH1479: Standard of Practice

DH1311: Standard of Practice

DH1309: Standard of Practice

DH1298: Standard of Practice

DH1293: Standard of Practice

DH1292: Standard of Practice

DH1189: Standard of Practice

DH1180: Standard of Practice

DH1179R: Standard of Practice

DH1179: Standard of Practice

DH1078: Standard of Practice

DH1077: Standard of Practice

DH1075: Standard of Practice

DH1073: Standard of Practice

DH0971: Standard of Practice

DH0868: Standard of Practice

Unethical Behaviour

DH1804: Unethical Behaviour

DH1801: Unethical Behaviour

DH1611: Unethical Behaviour

DH1478: Unethical Behaviour

DH1308: Unethical Behaviour

DH1306: Unethical Behaviour

DH1305: Unethical Behaviour

DH1304: Unethical Behaviour

DH1399: Unethical Behaviour

DH1295: Unethical Behaviour

DH1294: Unethical Behaviour